Delphi Definitions of Low Back Pain Prevalence

Welcome to the Delphi Definitions of Low Back Pain Prevalence (DOLBaPP) Web site. Here you will find the most recent version of the standardized minimal and optimal definitions of low back pain prevalence for use in epidemiological studies, that were originally published in 20081, as well as some background information about their development and intended use.

Information is also provided about the use of and access to the Delphi Low Back Pain Prevalence questionnaires that were developed to operationalize the Definitions into suitable instruments for use in clinical and research contexts.

1Dionne, C.E., Dunn, K.M., Croft, P.R. et al. A consensus approach toward the standardization of back pain definitions for use in prevalence studies. Spine, 2008. 33(1): 95-103.